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Frequency Asked Questions

Are the Allergen Friendly?

We don't use any common allergens in any of our products but we use a shared kitchen and have added "may contain" warnings as a precaution until we have certifications. Click here for more information.

What's the expiration date?

They have a "best by" date of about a year from manufacturing but they're still useful after that date.

What are the ingredients? 

They're mostly herbs and spices with some salt. The fizz is made with acids and bases found naturally in our bodies: sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. We may add calcium carbonate and ascorbic acid (Vit. C).  

Can I use dry beans?

The recipes are designed for canned beans but as long as you fully cook the dry beans first, then add other ingredients and the Broth Bomb™, it will work well.

Can I use Broth Bomb™ in a pressure cooker?

No, don't use it in a pressure cooker. While pressure cookers have safety valves, they can break. Broth Bomb adds very little added pressure. Just to be safe, until more thorough testing can be done, we'll list a disclaimer on the box.

Can I use them in a crock-pot or slow cooker?

Yes. First, boil the water. Then, add the hot water and beans to the crock-pot. Next, add the Broth Bomb. Stir till it dissipates. Then, add everything else. Requires a 6-quart crockpot. Make sure temperature reaches 160F.

Are they safe?

Yes, when boiled, the fizz ingredients breakdown into gases and minerals. When used as directed Broth Bomb™ is a safe product. Intended use is at least one gallon (4 qts) of cooked stew. Be careful when placing the Broth Bomb™ in hot food. It's recommended for ages 14 and up. We're extremely health-conscious individuals and we've personally used these products for years. We care deeply about public health and assure you they are safe. Even our own cells naturally make bicarbonate and citric acid. As with most things, if you have any condition or special circumstance affecting your health consult your doctor prior to use. That can be said for both the herbs and spices as well as the fizzy ingredients. 

Can I break them in half? 

Yes. You can cut them with a knife. Make at least 2 quarts of stew with a half of a Broth Bomb™.

Can I modify recipes?

Yes, as long as you make a gallon of food or more. Not suitable as a broth alone, must be used with food.

Why didn't mine fizz well?

The two typical reasons are that the water wasn't hot enough or you didn't use enough water. Also, if you add it while it's boiling, it will just appear to bubble along with the boiling water, which isn't as much fun but it will still do its job.

Will Broth Bomb™ alkalize the gut?

No, it finishes mildly acidic. Broth Bomb™ is designed to interact with the food prior to digestion and does not produce the same effects as when the same ingredients are taken orally as medications. The fizz ingredients degrade during cooking; they release gas and minerals when boiled. Cook thoroughly. 

Do beans need Broth Bomb™?

No, beans breakdown during cooking on their own. The lectins degrade. Beans are nutritious as long as they're cooked well. It's the tannic acids in the skins that Broth Bomb™ may help break down, releasing more minerals from the beans. If you wanted to take the time, soaking and boiling dry beans in baking soda water before cooking is another way to get softer beans. But that might leach minerals into the discarded water. The Broth Bomb™ method retains those minerals.

How do I prevent burning stews?

If you have the time, slower and lower temperature cooking is better with bean stews to prevent burning the bottom. If you have less time you can cook at higher heat and stir frequently to prevent burning the bottom of the stew. We like to use more water than directed, boil it at the end for a few minutes, then add a little flour or flax to thicken into a stew.

Can they help treat disease?

We make no claims that they can be used to treat any disease. While baking soda and citric acid have been used to effectively treat certain conditions like GERD, SIBO, UC, and metabolic acidosis, we can't make any such claims. The ingredients breakdown in the stew, they become sodium and water, the CO2 bubbles out.

Do they improve protein absorption?   

Beans contain some anti-nutrients that hold onto some of the nutrients, some of which are acids. The high pH of the baking soda dissolves the acids and unlocks the proteins. There are other methods of achieving this to different degrees, like simply cooking beans makes them digestible and nutritious. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which also breakdown better in alkaline environments. So, we don't know exactly how much our product helps, but we know using high pH substances like baking soda will improve protein absorption from legumes.

What kind of Citric Acid is used?

Ours is derived from organic corn.

Are they low sodium?

They're lower than bouillon but they are not low sodium. You can see the exact amount on each product's page shown in the photo of the packaging.

Are they organic?

No, not at this time.

Are they considered whole food plant-based?

No. While the recipes can be wfpb and Broth Bomb® is made from simple safe ingredients, they still contain sodium and citrate. Broth Bomb™ Co-Founder, Andrew, is mostly wfpb. By designing our products to traditional diets and tastes, with salt and pH regulators, more people will enjoy the nutritious whole plant foods in the recipes. We hope to be the catalyst for so many people looking to transition to eating more whole food plant-based meals. Later, we plan to offer non-fizzing no-sodium seasoning mixes for fully wfpb organic diets.

Why recommend frozen and canned ingredients?

They're easier to manage for busy or less abled people. Spinach and broccoli are notorious for going bad in the fridge before getting around to using them. Frozen vegetables retain their vitamins as well as or better than normal produce. Minerals are always retained, even in canned beans and even after cooking. Of course, you can always use normal produce and dry beans in your meal. Just cook the dry beans before adding everything else.