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About Us

Broth Bomb LLC is manufactured at
502 Main St
Lakeland, FL 33801
(727) 900-5324
Backstory from Co-Founder, Andrew Laurent:
In the dawn of the Great Recession I opened and operated what became the top restaurant delivery service in Tampa Bay. For five years, I worked hand-in-hand helping a set of diverse restaurants better serve the American consumers while expanding my own palate. Living on take-out, I was struck down with gastric diseases and a physical disability. Finding little relief through healthcare, with my life on the line, I went plant-based. With limited resources and mobility, navigating a new lifestyle, I found ways to continue enjoying the cuisines I loved without sacrificing taste or convenience. Nicknamed hot dog as a kid, we gave our child the middle-name Bean, prior to the invention, because they saved my life. So, it's even more fitting that we would go on to create an inventive seasoning mix for bean stews; a pop-culture catalyst for easy delicious recipes. Now, with Broth Bomb™, everyone can become a bean stew expert.

Co-Inventor of the Broth Bomb™, Renee Laurent offers valuable culinary expertise and was vital in the creation of all of our recipes and branding.


We are a disability owned company. After we have become more profitable, a portion of profits will be donated to charities dedicated to food desert causes. We also want to become a catalyst for people choosing the canned beans and veggies over hot dogs and chips at the corner store... and we plan to serve these communities with low cost products.