Broth Bomb LLC is manufactured at
502 Main St
Lakeland, FL 33801
(727) 900-5324
Backstory from Co-Founder, Andrew Laurent:
In the dawn of the Great Recession I opened and operated what became the top restaurant delivery service in Tampa Bay. For five years, I worked hand-in-hand helping a set of diverse restaurants better serve the American consumers while expanding my own palate. Living on take-out, I was struck down with gastric diseases and a physical disability. Finding little relief through healthcare, with my life on the line, I went plant-based. With limited resources and mobility, navigating a new lifestyle, I found ways to continue enjoying the cuisines I loved without sacrificing taste or convenience. Nicknamed hot dog as a kid, I gave my child the middle-name Bean, prior to the invention, because they saved my life. So, it's even more fitting that we would go on to create an inventive seasoning mix for bean stews; a pop-culture catalyst for easy delicious recipes. Now, with Broth Bomb™, everyone can become a bean stew expert.

As a disability owned company, we care deeply about the issues of poverty and the food deserts. We want to become a catalyst for people choosing the canned beans and frozen veggies over hot dogs and chips at the corner stores. But this is just one partial remedy to meet the nutritional needs of the disadvantaged; we encourage everyone to do their part to alleviate the challenges for those suffering and in poverty.