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Love this concept and the science behind it. Made the Curry this morning and plan on eating it for lunches all week. So easy and delicious.

Sarah Gerten Roberts

My Mom has crowned me "Soup Queen" ... and my husband loved it too! Love, love love the broth bomb

Karen Raita Kress‎

I just made a giant pot of the Scarborough Fair soup, and it is DELICIOUS. And so freaking easy! As a diabetic, this will make for some great healthy meals.

Joi Weaver‎

It was so easy and delicious! Way better than prepackaged soup mixes!

Patricia Shaw

I cannot believe the amount of vegetables my hubby just ate... highly recommended.

Courtney Michelle Ellison

It was super infused with flavor! Just the right amount of spice. We will definitely be ordering again.

Jozelle Smith

The. Best. Stew. I have ever made. The Scarborough Fair broth bomb is perfection. We also just tried the Reubenator and everyone loved it!!

Hilary NB

I am working my way through my original order of 8 and am completely smitten! These are just amazing. I have since ordered the box of 27 so that I can share with family and friends….. just incredible!

Kathy Buck

Meal prep made easy! Drops of Jupiter-beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Dinner for tonight and lunches for the week. I wish y’all could smell my kitchen!

Janet Raychouni

How it Started

Our little business has grown entirely thanks to customers placing advanced crowdfunding orders. We are beyond grateful for this! Now, everything is in stock.

Free Shipping on Orders over $22

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