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Broth Bomb ® Allergen Statement

The "may contain" label was added to our packaging as a precaution because we use a shared kitchen. But, when we manufacture there no other business occupying the kitchen and everything is cleaned prior to use. With our products, there's a lower risk of exposure to allergens than ordering from any traditional restaurant.

We understand how finding certified allergen friendly products is difficult. It's because the general population looks for gluten-free and soy-free options, not due to severe allergy or celiacs, that companies are permitted to label gluten-free and "may contain wheat"... it's not intended to deceive anyone but help the majority of people find the products they seek.

As a new small business, we weren't able to pursue certifications and ppm testing so we added the warning. But, to clear things up for our customers, Broth Bomb is now going through testing and we'll have results soon. 

Here's an article about the difference between gluten-free labeling and celiac certified labeling for allergies. As you'll see, even the certified gluten-free products may contain trace amounts, just to a lesser degree that generally labeled gluten-free products.

We'll update here and on product pages when we have obtained certifications and testing results.