Broth Bomb ® Allergen Statement

We don't use any of the top 9 allergens in any of our products. This includes wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, nuts, sesame, egg, shellfish, or fish. We also don't use any allium plants, like onion or garlic. Even our kitchen space is an allergen free space.

We also don't buy any ingredients that have a "may contain" warning labels. Some of these suppliers may sell common food allergens but they don't make any warnings regarding cross contamination.

In regard to other less common allergens, only one has corn starch. Our citric acid is sometimes derived from corn but is claimed to be totally pure from source ingredients. One Broth Bomb has tapioca. There's mustard in a few. There's no beans or lentils in any of them. In regard to any ingredients that we handle, like corn startch or mustard, there is a small amount of cross contamination.

We don't handle any gluten containing ingredients, but we don't yet have any celiac certifications. The traditional testing method doesn't work on our unique products.

All of the ingredients are listed in every product page. Click the images to see the ingredient panel on the box.