Broth Bomb® is More Than a Gimmick

Once upon a time, some ancient human discovered how to make bread rise. Some people marveled at the new utility... enjoying the new texture and taste of the bread. Others mocked and sneered, asking why would anyone want bubbly bread.
We very much enjoy playing into the humor of how Broth Bomb™ looks like a bath bombs, the creativity of our fans on the web is hilarious, but our invention is not just a gimmick. It's food tech.
Broth Bomb ™ has a unique utility in stove top cooking that, in good time, will be no odder than risen bread. In fact, if you stir in Broth Bomb ™ on low and cover the top, it will cause the stew to rise. It alters the texture of the food in a totally new way; it's like a new method of marinading food while you cook. 
One day, long after the world realizes the amazing utility of Broth Bomb™, some young people will think of fizzy bombs only as a stew marinade... and when confronted with a bath bomb they will ask why anyone would add something like Broth Bomb™ to the bath. Even then, the cannibal jokes will still persist but in the other direction.