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Cultural Exchange and Charitable Causes

As a seasoning mix company, it is our purpose to satisfy your tastes with an array of international herbs and spices. All of our seasoning blends and recipes are totally unique, typically a hybrid of flavors that transcend individual cultures. This post is being shared to address how cultural exchange occurs and why we have used familiar names for our products that come from some of those cultures.

My personal experience with these flavors came from years of working hand-in-hand with struggling restaurants from a wide range of cuisines and cultures. One of my early experiences was catering Indian weddings and graduation parties through an Indian restaurant. Other small restaurant owners credited me for saving their business during the Great Recession. I brought their diverse meals to the doors of the average American consumer; transcribing menus to people who were looking to explore new cuisines. These experience also formed my tastes... my palate. In the years after that business, while I was disabled, I honed my home cooking skills, finding easy cooking hacks along the way. 

All creations and recipes are absolutely in respectful exchange with the cultures from which they originated. While the inspirations for our recipes came through cultural exchange, not appropriation, we want to continue to reciprocate in perpetuity. So, a percent of the profits on each seasoning mix flavor will be donated to charities that represent the cultures that inspired the recipes. We'll also be commissioning chefs from diverse cultural backgrounds for future recipes.

Now, I'd like to tell you the story behind the seasoning blend we named Stone Broke Dharma. The term dharma represents the original and forever way of the world. We felt the classical European stone soup story embodied this cosmic law. It represents making something from nothing and the importance of community, as well as the austere nature of the world and embracing the indigent nature of our modern reality that all wealth and capital are built upon. Our products weren’t designed for the monarchs, instead, they’re for the peasants like us… the people who have and always will make the universe possible. It would feel disingenuous to not represent, both in name and tradition, the cultures that inspired our wide range of seasoning mixes.

If Broth Bomb™ becomes as big as we predict, we will also work to reduce the prevalence of the food desert phenomenon in the United States through our products, profits, and personal efforts. 

In care,

Andrew Laurent
Broth Bomb CEO